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BIM Architecture Limited

61 Stanhope Avenue Carrington Point Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 1QX UK

BIM Architecture Limited

Modelling For PAS 1192

BIM has provided a standardised process, clarity on responsibilities, coordinated information (Drawings from 3D model, specs plus model, clash detection) and a framework to support clients.

We can explore, validate, and communicate construction project details, from initial concept models to final presentation with cinema-quality 3D.

We do aggregate existing design data to visualise the whole project, simulate scheduling, and identify interferences to help gain insight and predictability in construction projects, while improving productivity and quality.

We use a coprehensive, concept-to-detail sustainable design analysis tool, that provides a wide range of building simulation and analysis functionality.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is not just about representing a building with 3D walls, doors, windows and floors.

BIM is about all the information that really goes into making and maintaining a building,

from the construction of its walls to the sequence of materials arriving on site: from the performance of its heating and cooling systems to predicting the way crowds move through space:

from selecting the right kind of energy-efficient materials to making sure the signature atrium will have the impact the client and the designer want.

We are not drafting anymore. We are

building. BIM has brought those buildings of the imagination, formed from information scatterd through hundreds of 2D CAD files, specifications, sketches, and correspondence, and put them right in front of us where we can prod them and see what they will do in the real world.